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Allen Organ Repairs

   We specialize in repairing ALL Allen Organs and included amplifiers and speakers. The only technician in the area that regularly attends the seminars at the Allen Organ Company


​Hammond Organ Repairs

      We specialize in vintage Hammond Organs.  Actually attended Hammond Organ Factory training back in the 1960's!



 Leslie Speakers

     We repair ALL Leslie Speakers. We also rebuild the amplifiers to obtain the sound that the Leslie speaker is known for.



Yamaha Electronic Keyboards

    We repair Yamaha Keyboards and uprights. Both in and out of warranty. We offer onsite repairs of Yamaha products, even portable keyboards. (for a additional fee when not covered by the Yamaha warranty)

       Allen Organ Repair  - Allen Organ Service

Hammond Organ Repair - Hammond Organ                                        Service            

Leslie Repair - Leslie Service  Organ Repair - Organ Service

                Yamaha Keyboard Repair 


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